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My name is Tinu Khan, I am 42 years old and I am working as a general manager for I AM JAI in India.I am the one with the yellow shirt, the one with the sunglasses on! The sun shines a lot over here, much more than in Amsterdam, so they have told me.

I live in Jaipur, together with our team of six craftsmen. Most of the men come from far, having left behind their women and children to make some money in the big city. Therefore we are a tight bunch, just like a family. In Jaipur we have our own little factory, where each of the men is responsible for another part of the processing, and everything is created by hand. My city is well known for its jewellery, but also for its semi-precious stones. In India we believe that gemstones can bring you many things in life. Coming from the heart of the earth, having formed over millions of years, stones have an incredibly powerful energy. While wearing, the energy of the stones can change your energy, or as we’d call it, your karma.

I have been working with semi-precious stones for the last 17 years and I found a lot of magic in them. One of my favourite stones is Rose Quartz, because it controls our most powerful and important organ. Rose Quartz controls the heart. If you wear it, it will soothe, comfort and reassure you, bringing about deep inner healing. And most important, it will attract the energy of love, and will bring peacefulness and calm to relationships. Onyx is another one of my favourite stones, maybe because it not only brings you happiness, but also because it brings success in business. Here, in our own factory, the entire I AM JAI family is wearing onyx, hoping it will bring Esther the greatest success!

We hope that you like what we are making. Send us your feedback, we are interested in your opinion!


Namasté, Tinu

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